Rules & Fees

1.     How to place your bid.

If you bid on an auction you will automatically receive an email when you are the highest bidder.

If you have been outbid, you automatically get an email.

If you are the highest bidder at the end of the auction you will recieve the payment information and

all the information about the seller by email.

2.     Payment

All Payments you make to the ByOrder Auction House are quick and safe.

All bids are excluding 5% auction fee.

Further their are no other charges and no VAT/sales tax is charged.

3.     Packaging

All packages should be send with an isurance up to the bid amount,

because their is always a chance that the package could break during the shipping.

Shipping costs are indicated with the auction description.

its mandatory that the seller sends the items insured and

with track and trace code.

1.      Payments

The ByOrder Auction House provides a secure method of payment,

when a payment is received in our ByOrder Auction House Account,

the seller will be asked to send the item within 4 days, so we  can insure your payment.

(payout will take place within 10 to 30 days after the seller has

send the object, this to make sure the Shipment has been send)

2.      Shipping costs

As a seller you can fill in the pakkaging & shipping costs.

The seller is only allowed to charge €2,50 extra for packaging costs on top of insured shipping


The shipping costs are free of commission.

3.      Auction fees

ByOrder only charge 7% commission excluding vat/sales tax (8,5 including

Vat/sales tax) of the winning bid.

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